Rain: “Chapter 1” GDC gameplay footage and screenshots!

I’m certain that a few of you have forgotten about this title, but I’ve been waiting since August 2012 for new information. And today, Sony has finally shown us more of Rain! In case you don’t remember the teaser trailer from last year, a boy wakes up late at night to see a young girl outside his window during a storm. Inexplicably drawn to her, he rushes out only to watch her silhouette disappear in the rain with monsters hot on her trail. In an attempt to help her, he loses his way in the streets. Once lost, he becomes just like her and can only take form when it rains.

If you’re wondering why attention to Rain has been subtle, it may be because it’s actually a Sony C.A.M.P. title, which is essentially a talent search program for Japan’s residents (basically a Fox Searchlight for games). What has most intrigued me about this title is the sneaking and high levels of strategic planning that Sony Computer Entertainment America producer Dais Kawaguchi is hinting at.

“The world of rain is full of ‘uncertainty’, and as you play through the boy will experience both a sense of fear and excitement as he explores the unknown world. Told through an artistic approach to narration, Rain’s expressive sounds, those of rainfall and splashing water, combined with this otherworldly tale is designed to awaken the sense of uncertainty and solitude inherent in every player as well.”

As you’ll see in the six minutes of footage from “Chapter 1: The Children and The Night”, using your environment by picking up objects to taunt, hiding in dry spots, stepping into the rain…all of these are your weapons to navigate through this beautiful and haunting world. The music they’ve presented so far is astounding and well-fit to the scenes, and the active tutorial is something other developers could be jealous of. This story is reminiscent of fables and fairytale (Spirited Away for one recent example) and I cannot wait to get lost in the world of Rain.

Lacking a release date as of yet, Sony has promised to reveal more details at the Game Developer’s Conference by the end of the month! Enjoy the gameplay and screenshots below. If you’re as sick of how many prequels and sequels are out there as I am, then you’re going to love this!



Wall of clues?
It’s early, but judging from the things we’ve heard I can only presume that Rain is going to be full of cerebral and subterfuge elements. This wall alone might be proof of what aspects we’ll be exposed to in order to solve the mystery.


Though it seems dark and dreary for now, you have to admit that the world is still beautiful.


Logo image courtesy of qtegamers.com