GameStop execs say Wii U struggles due to marketing, software

During a conference call on Thursday, executives from videogame retailer GameStop gave their take on why Nintendo has been having trouble selling the Wii U since the holiday season ended.

The problems with Nintendo’s strategy, according to GameStop, are two-fold. First, the marketing surrounding the Wii U is not properly informing consumers about the system’s features. In particular, prospective customers need to know more about the Wii U’s big feature, the GamePad. “We still have an education process we need to go through,” said the GameStop execs.

Also an issue for Nintendo is the lack of hit software titles to go with the new console. After New Super Mario Bros. U, there is nary a marquee system-seller to be found in the Wii U lineup. Nintendo plans to alleviate this problem in the near future and has announced the development of Mario, Yoshi, Zelda, and Smash Bros. titles that will surely help push consoles off the shelves. For now though, sales remain tepid.