Latest system update to the 3DS brings two nifty enhancements to Nintendo’s handheld

If you have connected your 3DS to the eShop this week, you may have noticed a prompt asking you if you would like to update your system. Saying yes will turn your handheld into a magical piece of amazingness, as this latest update brings two very sweet and wanted enhancements to the 3DS:

– A new tool that allows users to transfer save data from a physical copy of a game to the digital version. Let’s say you pick up the recently released Luigi’s Mansion 2 with its glow-in-the-dark cover and your brother wants it but doesn’t have a job and you love him and want him to have it out of the goodness of your heart and you don’t mind owning a digital copy and have loads of cash. If you started playing, you can now move your saved game to your digital copy and give that physical copy away! Please note that you CANNOT move that saved data back to the physical copy if your brother ends up not liking the game and gives it back to you (this is one very specific, made-up, totally-did-not-happen-to-me scenario, and is far from the only situation where this new tool will prove useful).

– An improvement to downloading games. Games and demos you started downloading in the eShop will now download in the background whether you are in the eShop or not, and users can simply close their 3DS cover in order to activate the “Download Later” function to start the data transferring from the various tubes that make up the internet.

More information about this update and previous ones can be found here.

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