Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII to get cloudy pre-order incentives

Square Enix knows gamers love nostalgia, which is why they announced two special pre-order incentives for players who are itching to reserve their next title, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. These items can be procured at your local retailer WHILE SUPPLIES LAST, so get your booty moving if you want the following:

PRE-ORDER BONUS PACK: this package comes with a limited edition Steelbook case and a token for some memorable DLC: Cloud Strife’s Soldier’s Band outfit and Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII! Now you can dress up Lightning as everyone’s favorite moody, manic depressive hero, complete with victory pose and fanfare! Players may redeem the download token at launch so they can start playing as their spiky-haired protagonist right away, and more information about unique abilities that come with Cloud’s equipment will be revealed at a later date. Enjoy some footage of Lady Cloud in action below!

LIGHTNING SAMURAI SET: this costume set is centered around samurai warriors and includes “Shogun”, “Sohei Savior,” and “Flower of Battle” garbs for Lightning, each with their own attributes (nothing screams samurai warrior more than “Flower of Battle” for me, personally).

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is due out in America on February 11th and Europe on February 14th, 2014, for both the 360 and PS3. Some screenshots for the pre-order goodies can be found below, and more information about Square Enix’s new title can be found here. I would totally get both of these pre-order bonuses because I love fancy cases and Square Enix knows my younger self cannot resist some reminiscing about the good old days with my buddy emo Cloud. Anyone rushing to put money down on Lightning Returns THIS VERY SECOND because of these incentives?

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