Sign the petition to stop Nintendo’s region blocking!

With Microsoft’s 180 on their entire business strategy, is on the move to convince Nintendo to take the leap! With the Xbox One slated to go region-free after launch, this is your chance to make the Wii U, 3DS, and Wii go the same route!

Now there is a lot involved with breaking regions, so don’t think that simply signing a petition is going to make it happen. There’s a lot of long hours, tedious labor, and red tape to get through so this is going to be one stepping-stone to the ultimate goal. Nintendo seems to want to take this next step in gaming evolution as they shorten the gaps between game releases between countries, so make them hear you!

Include personal messages as you sign the petition and read what Josh Stevens has to say so you can be informed on the effort. And don’t forget to tweet like crazy, all the hashtags you need will be included after you click the link. Get Nintendo region free!