World of Warplanes enters Open Beta

The only thing better than piloting a giant moving hunk of metal strapped with guns, is piloting a giant hunk of metal strapped with guns that can fly! Destructoid has reported that World of Warplanes has now entered its Open Beta in North America and Russia! European players will have a chance to take to the skies on July 4th.

The gaming blog reports that the Open Beta will give players access to 15 vs 15 PvP air combat, and the ability to fly planes from the USA, Soviet Union, Germany and Japan.

It has also been announced that players who took part in the Closed Beta will have access to some special items, and that Wargaming will launch their cross-game Premium account system towards the end of this Beta.

To register for World of Warplanes’ Open Beta, head on over to the official website.

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