Puzzle game (not a pop song) Tangram Style to hit the 3DS eShop this summer

Moving Player has announced that their very first 3DS title, Tangram Style, is coming to the eShop this summer. A calm, peaceful puzzle game, Tangram Style is perfect for gamers between the ages of 5 and 85, and contains over a whopping 600 puzzles. Players will learn about the mysteries of the Mayan people as they search for treasure in the game’s 4 different modes, including one for children with colored tiles that help them rotate the various shapes into the correct position (I might just use this mode exclusively because I suck at puzzles; ain’t no shame in my game).

More info on this unique puzzle game can be found here, updates can be seen on Moving Player’s Facebook page, and there is a soothing video for your viewing pleasure below. Seems like a relaxing little title that tests your brain in a tranquil manner!

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