Classic Final Fantasy VII now available on Steam in all of its blocky glory

Square Enix has finally released the cherished Final Fantasy VII on Steam across Europe and America, for the low price of €12.99 / £9.99 / $11.99, which is way less than what I paid for it back in the day. The Steam version of Final Fantasy VII includes all of the goodies that came with the exclusive Square Enix Store PC edition last year, including:

Achievements – 36 achievements are yours to unlock, which you can share with your friends online to show them just how many hours you sunk into Chocobo breeding to birth the elusive Gold Chocobo.

Character Booster – this option allows gamers who hate grinding for levels/dirty cheaters to max out their MP, HP, and Gil levels to their maximum with the click of button, allowing them to enjoy Cloud’s adventure without having to worry about dying/having a challenge.

Cloud Saves – this selection allows players to save their game and pick up their progress wherever they go, whether at home or using a friend’s CPU, as long as they have an internet connection.

Final Fantasy VII came out back in 1997 (I FEEL ANCIENT), and it’s wonderful to see it come to Steam so more gamers get a chance to play this revolutionary title (as long as they can get past its LEGO graphics). More info on this RPG can be found here, and you can purchase it on Steam here. Any readers itching to take Barret out on a date again, or did that only happen to me?

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