New Pokemon Honedge revealed

With just over three months to go until Pokemon X and Y are released worldwide, we’re bound to start seeing some more new Pokemon being unveiled. One of those revelations happened today as developer Game Freak announced the existence of a sword-like Pokemon named Honedge.

Honedge appears to have two forms. The one above has Honedge’s blade covered by a sort of sheath. In the video below, you can see footage of Honedge in battle with the sheath being held by its blue appendage.

That appendage is actually just a cloth that is attached to the hilt of the sword. It’s said that Honedge can use the cloth just like an arm and that Pokemon trainers who try to wield Honedge will find themselves wrapped up by the cloth, which will then drain their energy. That’s very nice of Honedge considering it could probably just as easily cut said trainer in half with its blade.

What makes Honedge appealing from a gameplay standpoint is that it is a Ghost- and Steel-type. Since both the Ghost and Steel types have a lot of resistances, it will be tough for opposing trainers to come up with moves that actually deal damage to Honedge. The Pokemon comes into being when a departed spirit possesses a sword that was once owned by humans.

Shockingly, Honedge learns the move Swords Dance, which is a great technique for boosting the users Attack stat. That move alone should make Honedge a formidable opponent no matter what its attacking moves are.

Check out the video below for more on Honedge as well as Game Freak director Junichi Masuda’s explanation of why the new Kalos region is so much like France.