Sci-fi shooter Alien Rage gets new story trailer and release date

CI Games has an announcement for gamers the world over: their sci-fi shooter, Alien Rage, is coming to the XBLA, PSN, and PC WORLDWIDE this autumn (gleeberries!). A new cinematic trailer was also released today for the upcoming title.

The trailer sets up the story for Alien Rage, which basically amounts to two different groups fighting over an asteroid’s power source named promethium. Promethium can both power an entire planet or destroy it completely, making it the most fickle power source known to man. Both humans and the Vorus alien race arrive on asteroid Deimos 875 to obtain the promethium for themselves, learning in the process that sharing is the greatest feeling anyone can experience in life. Just kidding, the Vorus start kicking our asses and try to take the promethium by force. It’s up to our main protagonist, Space Marine Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (IT LOOKS JUST LIKE HIM), and his crew to blow up the asteroid because if no one can share, then no one gets super powerful, planet-destroying energy sources.

Alien Rage offers 14 levels, 10 different weapons with two different firing modes (like the N64 classic Perfect Dark), and crazy enemy AI that harkens back to old school shooters like Doom. More info on Alien Rage can be found here, and the new story trailer is right below for your viewing pleasure. Anyone itching to shoot alien peeps in the face later this year?

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