First GTA V Gameplay trailer released – And it looks incredible.

Well folks, the day many of you have been patiently waiting for is here with Rockstar Games releasing its first gameplay video of GTA V less than an hour ago.

The video which can be seen atĀ (as well as below) demonstrates the new gameplay mechanics such as the ability to switch in between protagonists Trevor, Franklin and Michael on the fly in missions as well as in between giving gamers what Rockstar describes as a voyeuristic look at what they’ve been up to while you were “gone”.

Rockstar promises new and improved shooting and driving mechanics, which some criticized in GTA IV. Everything looks to have been retooled with new animations with a new profound fluidity and it looks quite impressive. The new vehicles look sharp as well, especially the sports cars.

The video also focuses on the large fictional world of Southern California and it looks large and beautifully detailed. With sprawling landscapes ranging from the wilderness (complete with detailed animals such as deer) to the populated cities such as Los Santos. The graphics look to be hugely improved from GTA IV, and personally I can’t wait to dive into it.

Okay okay, that’s enough from me, check out the video below!