The Steam Summer Sale is happening right now

Every summer, wallets are subject to the Steam Summer Sale. They cry and scream and beg for mercy as you dip your hands into it to grab that credit card (which you will memorize again by the end of this) to purchase that game on your Steam wishlist at a discounted price. Or maybe it’s some game you never thought you’d buy, but at $2.49, why not?

The Steam Summer Getaway Sale is currently underway. Now until July 22, Steam is deeply discounting many, many games for PC, Mac, and Linux. Right now, you can snag some titles at up to 75% savings, like Bioshock Infinite, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Grid 2 and more.

More deals pop up everyday, and there are also Flash Deals and Community Vote Deals to add to the extra excitement of waking up at 3 in the morning just to check what hit the sale.

The newest edition this year are the Trading Cards. Buying discounted games at this year’s sale now earns you a collectible Trading Card. You can collect, trade and craft over 50 new sets of cards, including 10 Summer Getaway Trading Cards that can only be earned during the sale. Each set can be crafted into badges, backgrounds, emoticons and other rewards.

So prepare thy wallets. Gaben and Steam hath delivered the savings.

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