Getting new characters in Marvel Heroes is about to get a lot easier

Since Marvel Heroes release in June one of the games biggest complaints has been how players earn new superheroes. With yesterday’s announcement of the Eternity Splinters system Gazillion hopes to alleviate this problem.

Under the old system players could either earn new superheroes as in game loot drops or directly purchase them from the store. The problem many gamers had with the old system was two-fold. First, the prices for the heroes were less than ideal, for example a top tier character like Deadpool would cost about $20. Second, the hero drop system was too random; so some players would earn maybe four to five hero drops in a 40 hour period whereas someone else in the same time period would earn Zero hero drops. Gazillion Entertainment President David Brevik stated that they don’t want players to be overly frustrated with earning new heroes.

So what is the Eternity Splinters system? Splinters are a new type of currency that will drop more frequently than heroes did and can be saved up to purchase any hero of the player’s choice. Under the new system, players will still be able to purchase heroes for immediate access but if they want to remain in the free-to-play system they will now be able to acquire new heroes at a much quicker pace.

Gazillion has a FAQ posted on their site if anyone is looking for more information. Hopefully the system works as intended and soon we all have a huge roster of superheroes at our disposal.