Race cars, lasers and airplanes come again for Duck Tales Remastered

Being one of the hidden gems in the NES library, and even moreso in Capcom’s extensive library of 8-bit masterpieces, Duck Tales was arguably one of the best adaptations of a Disney franchise ever made for any console. A fun hybrid of platform game, adventure, and a speck of Mega Man thrown in for good measure, Duck Tales seemed to be doomed to 80’s obscurity along with the animated series that it’s based upon… until now!

Following in the footsteps of remaking old games with next-gen graphics (Bionic Commando Rearmed and Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix), Capcom has now announced that Duck Tales is back in Duck Tales: Remastered, to be released on August 13th for PlayStation 3, Wii U, and PC, and later to be released on the Xbox 360 on September 11th. Additionally, on August 20th, there will be a boxed collector’s edition physically available for PlayStation 3 users, which includes a download code and a Duck Tales collector’s pin, at a $19.99 price tag. The regular digital version will be tagged at $14.99.

As a way to build-up hype until its release, the game developers at WayForward (also in charge of bringing the Double Dragon franchise back to life with Double Dragon Neon) will be releasing a video every week containing behind-the-screens footage on how the remake came to fruition, as well as “Travel Tip” videos hosted by everyone’s loveable bumbling and whimsical pilot, Launchpad McQuack.

You can start watching the documentary videos at the Capcom Press Center.