The new face of the Xbox Division

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Julie Larson-Green

Things have taken an interesting turn, to say the least, at Microsoft.  With the recent departure of Don Mattrick to Zynga and the massive reorganization of the company, the Xbox Division limped on without a leader.  The CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, had held those reigns temporarily, but the heir apparent has apparently been chosen.  Julie Larson-Green has been tapped for the position, which is head of the Devices and Studios Engineering Group.  The Microsoft reorganization has divided Microsoft into twelve divisions, each with their respective leaders, Julie Larson-Green being one of them.

So, with the Xbox One mere months away from launching, who exactly is taking over the spot that was held by a man that started his own videogame company at seventeen? The head of Microsoft’s Windows Division of course!  Aside from that, Julie Larson-Green simply is  not running the Xbox Division.

The Devices and Studios Engineering Group is a consolidation of the Interactive Entertainment Business Division alongside other divisions dealing with “all games, music, video and other entertainment”.  Basically, alongside the development of the Xbox One she will also be overseeing the Microsoft Surface, which is there current tablet, just to name a couple of her responsibilities.

We’ll keep you posted as further information is divulged.