Retailers running out of next gen console preorders

If you haven’t snagged yourself a preorder for either of the next generation consoles, your options are quickly diminishing.

Gamestop originally announced they had an “unlimited supply” of preorders for the PlayStation 4 ready for consumers on the 21st of June 2013.  That “unlimited supply” quickly ran out as was announced mere weeks later on July 7th, 2013.  Gamestop could no longer supply the demand.  Meanwhile, major brick and mortar retailer, Best Buy stopped taking orders for the Xbox One online on July 9th, 2013.  Finally, just days ago online retailer, Amazon posted on their Facebook page that they will no longer be taking preorders for either of the two next gen consoles, as they have burned through their allotment of first day availability consoles.  Amazon, will still taking preorders but those orders are not guaranteed to be shipped the first day of release.  At one point, Amazon was processing 2500 orders per minute!

As you can see there is a running trend here.  This holiday season is sure to be a wild one with these consoles selling out seemingly every other week.  Which will be the next major retailer to succumb to the demand these consoles are generating?  Currently, Wal-Mart and Target are still taking preorders, but for how long?  Neither Sony nor Microsoft has announced a concrete release date for their respective console as of this writing.

Stay tuned for updates!