Kick it into Ultra! Ultra Street Fighter IV announced at EVO 2013

If you thought Street Fighter 5 was just around the corner… you are probably giving Capcom WAAAAAY too much credit. Experts in milking their franchises down to the last drop, and considering that Street Fighter IV is still going strong 5 years after its initial release, Capcom has decided to release yet another update to the game, after the releases of Super Street Fighter IV in April 2010 and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition in December of the same year.

The Arcade Edition has had its own patches here and there the last few years, but Capcom has now decided that it’s time for a brand new version, and hence Ultra Street Fighter IV has been announced during the finals of the EVO 2013 Tournament that took place last night in Las Vegas (in case you didn’t know, EVO is the biggest fighting game tournament in the world, so it would make sense to announce a new game in the greatest scene the genre has to offer).

So before you go on a rant on the classic goofy names and titles Capcom has given its Street Fighter games over the years, let’s see what Ultra Street Fighter IV has to offer, shall we?

First off, 5 new characters have been announced, 4 of which have already been revealed: ginormous German wrestler Hugo, the sexually ambiguous misfit Poison, idealistic pyromaniac military man Rolento, and Capoeira beauty Elena. All 4 characters had already been translated into the SF IV engine in Capcom’s crossover game Street Fighter X Tekken and appeared to be a obvious shoe-in for the regular SF IV series (as many people had been asking for them to make the jump ever since SFxT came out). The 5th character, however, has been shrouded in mystery, with Capcom hinting that it’s a “brand new character” to the series, and that it could be “someone from a different series”, so let the rumor mill run in full force! Along with the new characters, new stages have also been announced, although once again, these will also be carried over from Street Fighter X Tekken, so don’t expect anything breath-taking if you already played that game.

As you may expect, Capcom will also thrown in the usual character and gameplay balance tweaks for this version as well, while still maintaining the same essence of the game at its core, so be prepared to either whine and complain if your favorite character got the nerf, or jump in joy if they finally get something that will make them competitive. New game modes have also been announced, although what these are and what they do have yet to be seen.

Ultra Street Fighter IV has been scheduled for release in early 2014 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC platforms. The retail version will go at a $39.99 price tag that will also throw in all the DLC content from previous versions. However, if you already have SSF IV or its update (Arcade Edition), then the upgrade cost will only go for $14.99 (but you would still have to get the DLC you’re still missing).