Check out Towerfall, an Acclaimed Fighting Game for OUYA (Sponsored)

The OUYA, a new $99 console running Android games, is out now, and one game you’re not going to want to miss is Towerfall. It’s a 4-player combat game that pits friends against one another in the role of battling archers aiming to be the last warrior standing. It’s been hailed as one of the best games available for the OUYA, which is now available at Check out the action below:
Although Towerfall has a low barrier to entry, this multiplayer game can get to a deeper level quickly as players find new tactics. For example, you can catch arrows that other players fire at you, which not only prevents you from dying but also adds an extra arrow to your quiver. Towerfall never explains this tactic, but allows you to find this strategy on your own as you get better.
On top of self-defense moves, you can slow down time or make bodies explode. There’s also an option that turns arrows into heat-seeking missiles. Or, if you want to get really raw, you can give each player only a single arrow with equal power-ups, removing any advantages. On the other hand, there are tons of fun power-ups like bomb arrows, shields and wings to add a little spice to the game.
With 20 ways to change the rules of the games, 70 single-screen arenas and 21-single player maps, Towerfall is packed with possibilities. On top of the great gameplay, the 8-bit style of Towerfall is a nice nod to the retro gameplay many gamers grew up on. This universal appeal of Towerfall makes it a perfect game for both players and spectators who appreciate the simple yet effective gaming experience in a gaming industry filled with cinematic cut scenes and ridiculous power-ups. Since the game also requires all the players to be in the same room for multi-player mode, which is rare for a game these days, Towerfall is a fantastic party pleaser that brings back the glory days of the N64 or Gamecube.
This OUYA-exclusive offers a set amount of levels for free, with the rest of the content being unlocked after you pay for the game. Towerfall is currently the number one title for the OUYA console. This indie title was developed by Matt Thorson of Matt Makes Games. Watch the video for a quick preview of TowerFall and be sure to visit for more OUYA games.