Maker’s Eden: A noir adventure

Nothing like a good indie project to inject some innovative story telling and freshness into the industry.  This is Maker’s Eden, a point and click adventure game set in a science fiction world with a noir undertone.  Written by Delyth Angharad, the story revolves around a yet unnamed character that has no recollection of who he/she is, where he/she is or even what it is.  An unknown source delivers a message urging him/her to get to safety immediately.  This is where the adventure begins in a motion comic-esque style.

Everything is hand painted with dark pastels to go along with the noir effect and looks absolutely beautiful.  A bit reminiscent of the graphic novel stills of the original Max Payne games.  The score is mysterious sounding and goes well with what’s onscreen  There is a heavy focus on exploration as you traverse this dark world of science fiction, but also includes what seems like a bit of a retro flavor.  It’s an interesting dichotomy of old style and futuristic components.

This project is by indie developer ScrewyLightBulb, and has only two more days left to get funded on Indiegogo.  It’s also in Greenlight on Steam.  There is currently a short demo available on the website (link below) that plays about the first fifteen minutes of act one.  Check out the teaser trailer below and supporting links.