Relive your memories as Flashback gets the HD treatment for its 20th anniversary

Ubisoft has announced that the remake of the 1992 classic Flashback, cleverly titled Flashback to avoid any confusion, is coming out August 21st for the XBLA, as part of their Summer of Arcade promotion (don’t fret if you don’t own Microsoft’s console, Flashback will also be hitting the PSN and PC this autumn). The original Core-Team decided to revamp their beloved adventure to celebrate its 20th anniversary, changing just enough to keep it fresh, exciting, and HD, while retaining what made the original so special (which I hope means numerous one-hit deaths and jumps that defy physics).

Afraid of change and the words “back in 3D and HD?” Worry not, because Ubisoft is also including the original version of Flashback with the update so you can split hairs and compare the two with your friends until you are blue in the face, instead of just PLAYING THE DAMN GAMES!

If you are in the San Diego area within the next few days and have tickets for some tiny event called Comic Con, you can check out the remake at the Xbox Lounge because a snazzy demo will be available for your grubby hands to try. A making-of video can be found below for the pleasure of your eye-holes. Help Conrad save the world from aliens and rescue his girlfriend, who didn’t even EXIST in the original!

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