Face Noir: Be a private eye detective during depression era New York

Just like a good book or film, one of my favorite aspects of videogames is the opportunity to experience worlds or times unlike ours.  Face Noir looks to give players that opportunity by being able to journey through a depression era New York City.

A point and click adventure game with a classic noir storyline and a jazzy soundtrack to set the mood.  You are private detective Jack Del Nero, a man falsely accused of murder.  As he tries to clear his name he must make his way through an increasingly corrupt city worn down by the economic downturn that was the result of the first World War.  Being charged with the murder of a man who left a little girl entrusted in his care, Jack soon discovers the girl’s enigmatic past is somehow intertwined with his future.

Developed by Italian studio Mad Orange and translated by Phoenix Online Studios, Face Noir will be released on July 18th for $19.99.  A bundled indie noir set will also be available through July 21st that will include Vampires, Reperfection, Shadows of the Vatican and The Cat Lady aside from Face Noir for $24.99.  A demo is also currently available on the site.