Bundle Stars launches Steam-redeemable Superfly Indie Bundle

Bundle Stars, a site dedicated to providing gamers with bundled titles at ridiculously low prices, has launched “The Superfly Indie Bundle”.

This bundle includes:

Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD

Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers

Afterfall Insanity Extended Edition

Disciples III Renaissance

Dungeons: The Dark Lord

The Journey Down: Chapter One

Zeno Clash

Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space

Cargo Commander

Kung Fu Strike

All games are PC only, with the exception of The Journey Down: Chapter One, which is compatible with Mac and Linux as well. Once purchased, the the bundle is activated and played through Steam, meaning you’ll have another 10 titles to add your infinitely extending library of games which you have never played/never will play within the near future.

Galaxy on Fire II

Bundle Star’s latest bundle is available for a price of $5.16 and can be purchased right here.

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