Buy a ‘Mech and make the world a better place

Starting today Piranha Games and Infinite Game Publishing will be selling a special edition Jenner ‘Mech called “Sarah’s ‘Mech”, for the game MechWarrior Online in honor of five-year-old cancer victim Sarah Marie Alida Parries. Sarah was an avid player of the Open Beta with her father, Jon Parries, who said her favorite ‘Mech class was the Jenner ‘Mech, “because she likes to move fast, lock on, and liked using night vision.”

It will be available now until August 20th at for ten dollars, with all the proceeds raised going directly to the Canadian Cancer Society. Sarah’s ‘Mech will come with a Sarah-themed custom exterior design (you get a Pony!) as well as a ten percent XP boost for players.

There will be a running tally of donations raised on the site, and if you go to the FAQ page you will be able to find more links to other Cancer societies.

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