Latest Planetside 2 update available today

Game update 13 (GU-13) was released today for the MMO free-to-play game developed by Sony Online Entertainment, Planetside 2. Included in the update is a massive facelift to Esamir, which sees many of the outposts and facilities being modified in order to support the addition of the Lattice System to the icy landmass, along with four new weapons, enhancements to the respawn window, Empire-Specific Fighter changes, suit slot tuning and Vanu weapon audio updates.

The four new weapons being added to the market place are:

  • NS-7 PDW SMG – An SMG with low recoil, good for short and medium-distance combat. Great for players with strong burst control.
  • NC LA3 Desperado Pistol – A double burst pistol that has a high rate of burst but a low rate of fire. It is effective at close-range combat.
  • TR TS2 Inquisitor – A pistol with an extended magazine with high damage output.
  • VS Cerberus – A pistol with high damage and an above average rate of fire. Low accuracy makes the pistol ineffective at long-range.

The update to the respawn window will allow players to auto-join a squad, as well as giving players the option to respawn at locations closer to the place where a player died by adding the ability to spawn at the nearest linked base. There will also be a chat window added to the respawn screen. Changes to the ESF will continue to roll out over the next few updates, but two changes have been made in GU-13 which sees the return of the default and rotary nose guns and a kill credit awarded to the player to last damage a vehicle when it is destroyed via crashing, suicide or player log-out. The suit slot update comes with a retuning of the cert cost for the Ammo Belt cert line and the Advanced Shield Capacitor being tuned to make shields recharge faster. Finally, Vanu weapons are receiving an audio update that should make them feel more impactful.

For a much more detailed list of the updates available today, you can go here and read the blog post from one of the developers outlining everything.

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