Project Logan: The future of mobile gaming?

Mobile devices such as tablets may soon get a substantial upgrade in the graphics department. Project Logan is the next generation CUDA-capable mobile processor from Nvidia and the possible missing link between mobile gaming and dedicated gaming systems.

This incredibly strong chip’s GPU comes from the same Kepler architecture that is currently in use with contemporary laptops.  The key differences being the chip will use “less than one-third the power of GPUs in leading tablets…while performing the same rendering.” The chip will be functional at the mobile level by using less power than its predecessor, as well.

In a recent demo showcased at SIGGRAPH, Nvidia showed off its graphical horsepower on the new chip by demoing “Ira”.  This demo shows the complex animation of a human face all generated in real time.

This will be the most powerful chip on the mobile market when it’s released, but what strokes my curiosity is if this vast improvement in rendering will mean anything in the big picture of gaming. Sure it will look a lot prettier than what’s currently available, but not factoring the occasional showing off to friends and family, will this improve gaming on a mobile device?  Would you prefer to play on mobile devices or does it not make a difference?

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