Brand spankin new GTA V screen shots!

In an attempt to tease the hell out of their audience even further, Rockstar Games have released another handful of screen shots for GTAV. Below are the new screen shots as of 7/29/13.

Based on the trailers and screenshots prior, it seems as if there are a lot of aerial missions.

More interactive plane sequences.

Blasting fools via ninja bike.

One of the more artistic looks at what Michael is all about.

Franklin chilling in his loft.

The Mr. Hyde of Michael.

Another slew of classic cars.

Taking the bond-like leap of faith while evading.

Casual boating near the base of one of many peaks in Los Santos.

Appears to be missions that allow diving and raiding.

Keep your eyes peeled in August as Rockstar Games has announced they will officially reveal details for the online portion of the game. GTAV hits stores September 17th.