The 5 Most Awesome Games on Facebook

Once upon a time, sites like and dominated the games scene of the Internet world.
Like bees summoned to the hive of their personal entertainment, children would sit by the computer for hours on end playing countless rounds of Candystand Minigolf or slip-sliding away playing Icy Towers.

But today, the entire spectrum of Internet gaming has changed. Gaming is no longer considered just a personal achievement. If you are a champ at your favorite driving game, then every single one of your friends must know. If Scrabble is your thing, then you’re going to show it off, and the place to do just that is Facebook.

Although Facebook is best known as a social media outlet, it has also become a leader in online gaming. Whether you want to pop some bubbles or learn some poker strategy,Facebook probably has a game for your every personal preference. Users from all around the world have played, clicked, and screamed at their screens together. If you’re not sure where to start, perhaps you should take a look at the 5 most awesome games on Facebook.

Words with Friends

This game combines the words and wit characteristic of classic Scrabble, with the battle format you’d find in your favorite videogames. The competitive slant makes this game into more than just any word bender. With competitive scoring and a leaderboard that pits you against your friends and your friends’ friends, Words With Friends gives you a chance to show off just how much of a word nerd you are.

Candy Crush Saga

Players all around the world love this game because it’s terribly addicting. This isn’t a surprise, though. Candy Crush Saga is a kind of mix between classic Bejeweled and Tetris, two of the most addictive games in history in their own right. Plus, there’s nothing sweeter than candy.

Bejeweled Blitz

This modern take on Bejeweled has become a hugely popular way to pass the time. This game takes the concept of Bejeweled and ramps up the speed and difficulty so your eyes and fingers stay busy. Race against the clock or race against yourself, but this game will keep you on your toes.

Texas HoldEm Poker

This game is classic Hold’em for the social networking scene. Test your wits and use the most important poker strategy by trying to read your fellow players, and earn money. With an excellent interface designed by Zyngapoker, the Facebook version of this game brings the excitement to a new level.


The Facebook version of the beloved game brings back the nostalgia of your old favorite, with a new twist. Now you’re not just clicking a mouse to fly a helicopter; you’re competing for the best score against your entire network of friends.