Bioshock Infinite returns to Rapture

Alongside releasing their first DLC for the critically acclaimed game Bioshock Infinite (which you can see more of here), Irrational Games announced that they have the second and third pieces of DLC planned, entitled Burial at Sea, that sees the return of Rapture as a setting for Booker and Elizabeth. The start of the game takes place in a pre-destruction Rapture and it will explore why Booker and Elizabeth are there according to a blog post on the Irrational Games website.

In an interview Ken Levine did with IGN, the second chapter of Burial at Sea will have the player take control of Elizabeth for the very first time and that the experience of playing her will be more akin to a survival horror game.

No date has been set for the releases for either part of Burial at Sea, but if you felt a little underwhelmed by the combat-heavy focus of Clash in the Clouds and were really looking forward to a more narrative driven set of DLC, then this is obviously what you want to pick up.

Oh, and there is also a trailer for episode one already released. Yes, that is the sound of Irrational Games dropping the mic.


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