Keep-building revealed for Dragon Age: Inquisition

The latest preview from Official PlayStation Magazine has revealed that Dragon Age: Inquisition will include capturing and maintaining strongholds. Bioware is no stranger to this mechanic, as there was some aspect of this gameplay in Dragon Age: Origins. Players can sieze strongholds all over the world of Orlais, and doing so will unlock new quests.

Image courtesy of OPM.

Once captured, these keeps can be set up to the players needs and desires. Upon siezure, a new management system will be unlocked to keep your strongholds up and running. Players will be able to control trading, mining, and keep security.

The article further reveals that you won’t be alone in capturing these keeps, as your companions will aid you in your conquests. You will also be able to assign agents to these strongholds to carry out your orders while you are away. An example being Inquisition agents repairing a colossus statue that once repaired will boost morale around the keep.

As a seasoned RPG player, I actually like these diversions from the main story. What do you think about the new keep-building system?