Find of the month: Nerdcore

Some of you might know “Nerdcore” as a music genre. Well, I want to tell you about a totally different Nerdcore.
We have stumbled upon Nerdcore by pure chance and we found it to be funny and unique (well at least for us gamers), so we decided to share.

Nerdcore is the name given to a Gaming Flat (as in a flat which all of the tenets are avid gamers).
These guys don’t just have humor. They also seem to know their games:
It doesn’t matter if it’s Battlefield, Pacman or something else. The name of the game is simple:
“you name it, we’ll play it!”.

Don’t take it too seriously though, the main mission of these cool flatmates seems to be about having fun and having a good time. Partly arid, mostly entertaining, they rock cross all platforms :-)

Watching their channel we’ve seen good reviews and unique tutorials, but we’ve also seen them goofing around and getting annoyed by their (quite cute) girl tenet.
If you’re looking for some fun you should definitely have a sneak peek at the trailer of this multiculti gaming team: