Super sexy Atomic Poison Ivy revealed for upcoming MOBA Infinite Crisis

The latest Champion has been unveiled for Turbine’s upcoming free-to-play MOBA based on an alternate DC Universe, Infinite Crisis. Named Atomic Poison Ivy, this sexy lady is none other than Pamela Isley, transformed due to a nuclear fallout that also mutates other heroes and villains in the DC Universe. Check out a trailer showcasing her powers, abilities, and gorgeous new legs:

As you can see, Atomic Poison Ivy is all about poisoning: gaining additional effects and a shield through poisoning, dealing extra damage through poisoning, and having an Ultimate that provides allies with stealth and armor while poisoning any enemies within its range. That’s a lot of poison, even from someone whose name has the word “poison” in it.

Gamers can sign up for the closed beta here to get a taste of Infinite Crisis and what it has to offer. Anyone rushing to join the beta to get a chance to walk around on some sweet-looking plant legs?

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