Stronghold Kingdoms community-led update

Firefly Studios listened. Players have been sending in requests for features for Stronghold Kingdoms, and they listened. One of top free-to-play titles on Steam, Stronghold Kingdoms boasts over 3 million registered users in over 100 different countries. So out of all the requests they had fielded, which did they decide to implement.

A new set of strategy cards have been added, affecting different areas of gameplay like farming and combat, and player targeting has been implemented to now mark your enemies for their untimely death. Firefly has added a bunch of other new features as well. Here is the official breakdown from Firefly Studios on the new update:

  • New Strategy Cards – A new set of strategy cards have been introduced affecting different areas of gameplay including farming, religion and combat. Attainable by free players through the Veteran Level free cards system and by paying players through the game’s selection of various card packs, all players will have access to this new content.
  • Player Targeting – The Lords and Ladies of Stronghold Kingdoms can now send letters in-game marking other players, villages and parishes, something that can be used for good or evil. Have a sworn enemy? Mark them for death! Want to protect a particular village or parish? Team up with your Liege Lord and send reinforcements! Whatever your purpose, the new player targeting system will hasten your plans, nefarious or otherwise.
  • Gameplay Features – Firefly have also added a number of new features requested by players over the past few months. These include the ability to keep a record of diplomatic relations with other players with the new notes system, in case you forget exactly why you’re at war! Also added this month is a quick replay button for cards, several UI tweaks and more.

A full list of new features and tweaks can be found on the Stronghold Kingdoms forums. Stronghold Kingdoms is available to play for free through Steam, so if you have been a fan of the series, but haven’t tried it out yet, why not?