Gotta catch ’em all Kongpanions

Kongregate, a flash game online website and a subsidiary of videogame retailer, GameStop, introduced a new feature this week for its registered players. The website’s achievement system will now include earning Kongpanions, or avatars serving as awards for completing a “Badge of the Day” for a week.

Before Kongpanions, Kongregate’s achievement system consisted of “badges,” awards similar to earning trophies and achievements for the PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam consoles, and each badge is given points depending on its difficulty. Every day, a badge called “Badge of the Day” is recommended where players who achieve this badge are given twice the points. In addition, completing a “Badge of the Day” gives a player extra points for his/her linked PowerUp Rewards card.

Kongpanions gives Kongregate’s achievement system a feel of a Pokémon-style game. Earning one “Badge of the Day” in a given week (i.e., a week starts from Monday to Sunday) will give a player the Kongpanion for the week. Earning five “Badges of the Day” in a given week will not only give a player the Kongpanion for the week, but a shiny one. The website also ranks players who earn Kongpanions the fastest, by showing what place a player has earned a Kongpanion.

Will you be able to "catch" all the Kongpanions (especially the shiny ones)?

For now, Kongpanions’ usages are strictly for display purposes only. However, Kongregate has plans to use the creatures in some of its future games, as it is developing a new application programming interface (API) for flash game developers to integrate Kongpanions into their games.

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