Muramasa’s first DLC, Fishy Tales of the Nekomata, is now out for the PS Vita in the U.S.

Got a copy of Muramasa Rebirth for your fancy PS Vita and live in the U.S.? Then you can download its first piece of DLC right now off the PSN! Entitled Fishy Tales of the Nekomata, this marks the first tale of the Genroku Legends DLC available for gamers.

What the fizzity hey are the Genroku Legends, you ask? Well, they are a set of four tales taking place in the Muramasa Rebirth universe based on actual Japanese folklore! Each story will have a unique character to play as, with Okoi as the player-controlled protagonist of Fishy Tales.

Okoi’s tale is a complicated and sad one. While delivering her family’s famous tea to the shogun with her brother, Okoi’s kin’s chief retainer sets a plan in motion to steal the tasty beverage, killing her brother in the process. Swearing swift and bloody vengeance, Okoi does what anyone would do faced with this particular situation: become a cat-demon possessed by the nekomata Miike in order to smite her enemies.

Fishy Tales contains a new battle system separate from the one in Rebirth: Okoi will use her cat claws, power weapons, legions of kittens, and learn new skills and demon abilities to smear the blood of her adversaries upon her human/cat-demon face. Also included in the DLC will be a Boss Battle mode where gamers can face any of Rebirth‘s fearsome baddies and two endings to uncover.

Fishy Tales of the Nekomata is out now for Muramasa Rebirth on the Vita in the States, with a European release slated for January 22nd. I don’t know about you guys, but this DLC sounds purr-fect.

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