Humble Weekly Sale gets a little bohemian

The Humble Weekly Sale is now live, and this time it’s brought to you in collaboration with the fine folks at Bohemia Interactive.

This weekly sale includes Arma II, Take On Helicopters (for the brave who can take on helicopters only), UFO: Afterlight, Alpha Prime, Arma: Gold Edition, and Arma Tactics, all for a price of your choosing. Paying above the current $6 average however, will grant you access to Carrier Command: Gaea Mission, Arma II: Operation Arrowhead, and the original Arma II: DayZ Modfication for Operation Arrowhead.

If you were considering purchasing any of these games, then now is as good a time as any to grab them. Paying above $6 would also be a great way of getting a feel for DayZ or whetting your appetite first before committing yourself to some hardcore rotten-kiwi-ingesting survival action in the $29.99 standalone version available through Steam.

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