Upcoming real-time strategy Etherium releases teaser trailer

Etherium is a futuristic real-time strategy title being developed by independent studio Tindalos Interactive, of Stellar Impact fame.  In the game, you are in control of one of three empires vying for control of the precious resource, etherium.  Each empire has its own strengths and weaknesses in addition to unique technologies like climate control, as well as special skills such as precognition.  You must form strategies to overcome not only your opponent, but the different climates found on each planet as well.  You can even use the game’s complex weather system to your advantage: you can advance upon an enemy unseen behind the cover of a sandstorm or take advantage of freezing rivers to flank your opponents.

Etherium will have both a single-player campaign as well as multiplayer with up to four players.  There is no linear storyline to follow in the single player campaign: you get to choose the order in which you conquer the seven planets, all while managing your resources to build bigger armies and research more deadly technology.

The teaser shows us one of the playable empires, the Consortium, landing on the etherium-rich desert world of Serenade.  The Consortium is deploying troops, readying for battle against the other playable factions: the Council and Galaad.  Check out the trailer below to see the armies in action!

Etherium is scheduled for release on PC in spring of this year.  It looks like it could be pretty fun; I hope they release some gameplay footage in the near future!