Dark Souls II: new screenshots and ‘Cursed’ trailer

Nothing to fear here...

Sadists and pain junkies will be salivating at the news of a whole new batch of Dark Souls II screenshots, along with another game trailer released a few days earlier. The game, due to be available mid-March on PS3 and Xbox 360, has already had a number of trailers and shots revealed, along with a gameplay demo, so this may well be the final helping of Dark Souls II promotional material prior to the release.

The new ‘Cursed’ trailer begins with a cinematic segment, which is probably a small portion of the movie that will open the game (it certainly sounds like it, having read a brief description of the video in the most recent edition of Edge magazine.). We learn a little of the sequel’s story, and then see a number of the enemies, monsters and bosses that the Lost Undead (as it appears the new player character will be; not so chosen this time) is to face off against. Seeing the new environments is a treat for any lovers of Lordran, with a particular favourite being a gorgeously rendered Gothic structure that is a little reminiscent of Anor Londo, shown in the cinematic sequence.

David and Goliath

Shortly after we saw the trailer, FromSoftware released a whole bunch of tantalising screenshots revealing some of the new enemies, environments and, perhaps most intriguingly, NPCs such as merchants and blacksmiths. The more bloodthirsty Souls fans may already be planning which of the new characters they will be murdering to plunder the cold, lifeless corpses for loot (personally I have my hollow eyes on Lucatiel’s sword.)

The locations are also interesting for those hoping to see something more of what the game will be like; one shot (the second image below) shows what could be a little village, or at least there appear to be dwellings. Given that there seem to be old ladies and a housemaid among the characters, perhaps there is an near-normal household in this hamlet location, something we certainly never saw in Dark Souls.

Some of the most choice pics can be found below, and the rest can be seen here at VG247. Unless you are already hollow, these media morsels should have fans of the series gagging to get their hands on the game. If not, I suggest you consume a Humanity.

Lucatiel of Mirrah

Praise the Sun!

Blacksmith Lenigrast

Ummmm... okay...

Labyrinth anyone?