Final Fantasy VI now available on Android devices, looks quite strange

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy VI, one of the greatest RPGs EVER MADE, is now available on Android devices through the Google Play Store for $15.99. Released way back in the day on the SNES as Final Fantasy III (long story) in 1994, the game’s graphics have been updated by Square Enix and even been supervised by seasoned FF graphic designer Kazuko Shibuya. It looks….too smooth, like some of the magic of 16-bit sprites was taken away and it’s now bland. Looking at screenshots makes me upset.

Regardless, FFVI sports some nifty new features now that is on touchscreen phones, including:

– User-friendly controls, including the battle interface, that take advantage of the simplicity of touchscreen devices (can’t wait to see how Sabin’s Blitz moves are executed so I can suplex a phantom train once more).

– The new dungeons and espers that were included in the GBA remake of FFVI.

– The moogle Mog will now give players hints about where to go next if they are stuck, in addition to retaining his FABULOUS dance moves from the original SNES release.

– An album feature that lets gamers revisit the plot of the game just in case they had to poop or stopped playing for a while (fantastic addition, since I always had to start RPGs from scratch if I stopped playing for an extended period of time because I forgot the story and character names entirely).

– Multiple languages, including: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

An official trailer is yours to view below (thankfully the incredible score is still intact even though the visuals are lacking). Players can also check out the title’s official website and purchase the game here. I think I’ll stick to my SNES copy of FFVI (FFIII); what about you readers?

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