New roguelike game moves away from dark places, propels you to the heavens

Steam Greenlight developer dek wants to take you high in the sky with his new roguelike/platformer cross, Path to the Sky.  In this game, you will have to fight your way higher and higher using aerial combat, elements like fire, and good old-fashioned hack-and-slash.  As you climb higher, the enemies get harder to beat.  What’s cool about the game is that every time you start playing fresh, the world is randomly generated around you.  You don’t get any doorways to pre-generated rooms, only more randomly placed platforms to balance on and work your way farther up.

Path to the Sky is meant to appeal to people who want a short, arcade-style challenge, so don’t come looking here for an in-depth tale or long, drawn-out levels.  The developer also highly recommends using a controller for play over keyboard and mouse. The developer has been working on the game since 2012, and it seems like he’s really putting a lot of effort into the little details (you can see the grass moving as the character runs through it in the short on the website!).  The game definitely looks like it could be fun for those times when you only have a few minutes to spare and want to get in a quick round of gaming!  Currently there’s no specific release date (Steam only says 2014), but once it’s finished it will be available through Steam on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.