Amazon and Square Enix team up to bring gamers Yuna’s costume as DLC for Lightning Returns

Square Enix has announced a new partnership with the website that used to only sell books, Amazon, that will bring gamers who pre-order Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII something PRIESTLY. Starting today, Amazon pre-order customers will get the ‘Spira’s Summoner’ DLC content for free to use in their upcoming copy of Lightning Returns. Gamers can dress up Lightning with Yuna’s outfit, staff, and victory pose from Final Fantasy X. Between this and Cloud’s outfit from FFVII, it looks like Square Enix is really banking on reeling in fans of nostalgia for their latest RPG.

Gamers can pre-order Lightning Returns through Amazon here, and those folks who snooze and lose and are allergic to pre-order incentives can purchase Yuna’s costume later this year. Remember to catch lightning in a bottle when Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII releases on the PS3, digital PSN, and 360 on February 11th.

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