La-Mulana 2 Coming Soon..with Your Help!

Fans of the MSX-inspired La-Mulana can rejoice with a new installment planned.

If you are unfamiliar, La-Mulana is a 2D action-adventure platformer where you become protagonist Lemeza, an archaeologist attempting to uncover the secrets of the eponymous ruins of  La-Mulana. The game was very difficult with confusing puzzles, challenging bosses, and some devilish traps. The difficulty only made the victories and solutions so much more sweet when you achieved them.  Nigoro, the makers of La-Mulana, wanted to appeal to a larger audience with their take on what 2D games can still offer by remaking the game from scratch, toning down the difficulty and bringing it to the WiiWare service and subsequently porting it to PC.

Now, Nigoro wants to continue to appeal to a larger audience with the sequel, and they hope to help fund it by crowdsourcing on Kickstarter, which has been very successful for indie developers in recent years.  Nigoro director Takumi Naramura says in the new Kickstarter video that he feels “evolution of 2D gaming stopped sometime after 3D games became mainstream.”  In La-Mulana 2, he hopes to continue where 2D games could have left off, if they kept evolving.  In this direct sequel set 5 years after the end of La-Mulana, you will play as Lemeza’s daughter, Lumisa, as she returns to the ruins her father visited those years ago.  The game is boasting 18 areas, over 9 bosses, 40 sub-bosses, 50 tracks on the soundtrack, and I bet a good bit of tricks and traps as well.

If this is anything like La-Mulana, it’ll be a fantastic adventure, like playing through a 2D Indiana Jones movie (the good ones, not Kingdom of the Crystal Skull).  The Kickstarter has been up for less than 24 hours as of writing this, and it has already received over $72,000 with 32 days remaining.  There are some great incentives for backing the project like receiving a copy of the game, getting access to the alpha version, and many more.  There are also some exciting stretch goals offered like home console versions or playing as a new character and some funny ones like Curry Party and Curry Hell (check it out!).

If this sounds like something you’re into or maybe you’re already a fan, you can find the Kickstarter here to check it out!