PSN releases Lucifer Ring as part of their Retro Rush series

After re-releasing Double Dragon to the PlayStation Store last week, digital distribution publisher MonkeyPaw Games, Inc. is putting the 1998 game Lucifer Ring up on the store this week.  Lucifer Ring is a third-person hack-and-slash that was originally only released in Japan.  In the game you control Cue Nash, a young warrior tasked with stopping an evil wizard from collecting the powerful Lucifer Rings scattered about the world and using them to open the gates of Hell.  To achieve this you must face a variety of monsters, including goblins, dragons, and Minotaurs, using your trusty blade and power-ups found throughout the game.

Lucifer Ring is available for download through the PlayStation Store for $5.99, and is playable on the PS3, PS Vita, and PSP gaming systems.  Other retro games will be released weekly through February 14.  Check out MonkeyPaw’s website for the upcoming releases! Personally, I’m a little excited to pick up Tomba! 2 in February.  You can also follow the publisher on Twitter at @MonkeyPawGames