Cat Story: Now available for Android

Build cities. Be furry. All in Cat Story!

Previously only available for the iOS, Cat Story can now be played on Android mobile devices! Now that’s something we can all purr about.

Cat Story is a fun, light-hearted game about a group of ship wrecked cats that wind up on an mysterious island and need to start a new life there if they want to survive. While on the island, the cats will need to befriend the locals, learn about the island and build themselves a place to live. Similar to many other city building games, Cat Story involves using energy to gather resources, clear out land and explore new areas to improve the quality of your city and all its feline denizens.

There are many things to do on the island, such as quests to complete and puzzles to solve, all in an effort to make your new tropical habitat the best it can be. The bigger and better your city is, the more you’re able to accomplish and do in game.

Download Cat Story today on Google Play for free and get started one adventure that will excite you more than a dead fish on Christmas. Meow!