Elder Scrolls Online won’t require PS Plus, will require Xbox Gold

Those of you hoping to travel across Tamriel on the recently released Playstation 4 are in luck. Those on Xbox One, not so lucky. ZeniMax Online Studios Game Director Matt Firor wrote in an update on Playstation Blog that PS4 users will have full access to The Elder Scrolls Online without the need of a Playstation Plus membership. Bethesda has also confirmed that the MMORPG will require an Xbox Live Gold membership to play on the Xbox One.

Bethesda and Microsoft were in talks to attempt and bring the subscription-based game to the Xbox One without a Live Subscription in August, but things just didn’t work out. The Elder Scrolls Online will drain $14.99 a month out of players’ pockets when it becomes available this April 4 for PC/Mac. Playstation 4 and Xbox One releases of the game are scheduled to follow in June.

Might be time to go out and get some Gold.

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