Multiplayer arena sports game Epigenesis free-to-play this weekend

Epigenesis is a FPS/Sports multiplayer-only game that released back in Nov. 2013 that is still in it’s beta stage. This game focuses on a future-based non-lethal ballgame. The game is currently free to play this weekend and is 75% off this weekend through Feb. 2. More information on Epigenesis and download links can be found on it’s Steam Store page.

I, myself, have actually had the chance to play Epigenesis and it’s quite a fun game when you get friends together. Definitely a game to LAN-party to when you want a fun change of pace. With the game’s price being only $2.49 during the weekend sale, this might not be a bad chance for curious players to try the game for free and then decide on whether or not to purchase it.

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