Hex: Shards of Fate enters public beta

Hex Shards of Fate Logo

A few months ago, Cryptozoic Entertainment opened their upcoming online TCG, Hex: Shards of Fate, to a limited number of beta testers.  Today, they’ve announced that the beta is now open for anyone to play.

Hex is a self-proclaimed first of its kind: an MMOTCG.  The game combines the excitement of customizing your own deck of cards with the social interactions prevalent in many MMOs today.  Hex features a digital trading card experience, which is beneficial over a physical TCG in that both the players and their cards can level up the more you play.  Currently, the number of available cards number around 350, but the company intends to beef that up to over 500 before its official release.  The cards also have “sockets,” in which collectible gems can be added, changing how the card’s actions and combos work.    The beta version already allows access to the PvP features, allowing players to test out the social aspect of the game.  More content will also become available to testers over time prior to the final release.

Despite being accused of copyright infringement by Wizards of the Coast for having mechanics similar to Magic: The Gathering, Cryptozoic is committed to continuing their development of Hex: Shards of Fate and bring a digital innovation to the frequently physical TCG genre of gaming.  More information on the game and beta registration can be found on their website.  Happy gaming!