Fallout: Shadow of Boston Trademark Filed by Bethesda | Update: False Alarm


Just recently, the developer and publisher behind the last two Fallout games, Bethesda, had filed a trademark for Fallout: Shadow of Boston in Germany. This trademark relates to “downloadable computer game programs”, “computer game discs”, and “computer games program downloaded via the internet” as to suggest that the series may be getting closer to it’s rumored return.

The next Fallout title has been rumored quite a few times in the last two years. Starting back in 2012 when an anonymous poster stated that “the rumors are true, Fallout 4 will take place in Boston.” The poster claimed that Bethesda had been “scoping out and researching” Boston and that they have a strong connection with MIT.

More fuel was added to the fire in 2013 when documents that seemed to be from the game leaked, which suggested in more detail the connections that Bethesda had connections with MIT on the rumored title.

All we have at this point in time that is written in stone, is the trademark. Which we can only pray is not for some rip-off mobile game in the near future.


UPDATE: Bethesda has taken to twitter to share that the trademark filing did not come from their offices.