Mario Kart 8 DLC trailer shows off new drivers, tracks

Nintendo had already announced its plan to release downloadable content chock full of new drivers and tracks for its Mario Kart 8 customers, but on Wednesday we got to see a trailer showing prospective buyers more of what they are getting.

The preview focused on the Pack 1 DLC that will feature three new drivers (Link, Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach) as well as eight new courses and four new vehicles. From watching the trailer, it’s apparent that the two big draws are an F-Zero course based on Mute City and a Zelda course based on Hyrule Castle. The Zelda track even has rupees instead of coins, which is a cute touch.

There’s also an old school Excitebike course and some “new” tracks from previous Mario Kart games. It looks like the SNES version of Rainbow Road and Wario’s Gold Mine from the Wii version will be included. Here’s a full list of new tracks from the Super Mario Wiki.

As for vehicles, the Blue Falcon from F-Zero is there, as well as a Zelda-themed Master Cycle for Link. The B Dasher from Mario Kart DS and a Tanooki Kart have also been announced by Nintendo.

Pack 1 will be released on November 13 and costs $7.99 when purchased alone. Players also have the option to bundle in Pack 2 (also $7.99 by itself) for a total of $11.99, but that one — featuring Animal Crossing drives and some as yet unknown new courses and vehicles — doesn’t come out until May 2015.