REVIEW / Trine Enchanted Edition (PC)


Video games often fall back on familiar tropes in order to appeal to a large audience but in the case of developers Frozenbyte and their title Trine, these familiar tropes are used to spectacular results.  Following the exploits of a Wizard, a Knight and a Thief, Trine takes place in a beautiful fantasy world in which our heroes embark on a quest to save their beloved kingdom from an unspeakable evil.  Even though the original release of Trine was met with praise and adulation from fans the world over, Frozenbyte thought that they could do better and have released Trine Enchanted Edition.  This new version is a remake of sorts of their hit game Trine and is redone in the Trine 2 engine.



Not wanting to rest on their laurels, Frozenbyte has upped the ante and have made Trine Enchanted Edition a more robust and thrilling adventure into a fairytale-like world.  The gameplay is based on fully interactive physics where weight and momentum can be used to create situations where you can progress through a particular spot on the map or use elements in the environment to dispatch the enemies.  Each characters different abilities and tactics can be used to invent exciting ways to battle the army of undead that is plaguing the land as well as to overcome obstacles in your path and restore balance to the kingdom.



While the Knight handles the baddies below, the Thief uses her bow to take down the baddies above.


Trine Enchanted Edition includes 15 challenging and meticulously crafted levels, each with a distinctly unique atmosphere and beautifully rendered visual art styles.  No two areas of the game feel or look the same and are created to invoke a childlike, fairytale charm to immerse you in this amazing adventure.  Where the original Trine allowed for only one player to set out on this fantastic journey, the Enchanted Edition allows for up to three players to take on the roles of the three champions either online or locally.  This adds a new level of enjoyment as you no longer have to go it alone and can call on friends to help you bring peace back to the world.

Having the ability to tackle the levels with two other players opens a world of possibilities and fun encounters in the Trine world.  Each player has different abilities that they must call on in order to progress through the levels and I was often confronted with some hilarious situations because of the physics based attributes of the game.  With the Wizard having the ability to create boxes and planks, he is often a crucial part of being able to make forward progress.  While the Thief and the Knight dispatch of the enemies, the Wizard is left to make sure that there is a way to get to the next leg of the map.  Having to do so with hordes of skeleton knights attacking made for some funny situations with boxes dropping on the heads of the Thief and the Knight while they tried to clear the area of baddies.



The Trine 2 engine adds a nice polish to the original Trine’s visuals.


Trine Enchanted Edition is definitely a step up from the original Trine and looks oh so beautiful in its new digs thanks to the Trine 2 engine.  I did have trouble at points with the characters and the fact that their animations didn’t seem as smooth as they could have been.  Jumping with any of the characters or using the Wizards ability to grab a box and move it around the screen often felt like you were wading through a thick pool of mud at times but it wasn’t enough to take me out of the experience.  You can currently get this new version on Steam for $14.99 which also comes with the original version of the game as well.  That’s not a bad price but if you have the original version already, you might want to wait for it to be included with one of Steams famous sales.


The original Trine gets a new coat of paint.
  • 8/10
    - 8.0/10


– Fun pick up and play action
– Beautiful new visuals
– Jumping feels a bit sluggish at times
– Can now call on two friends to join in the fun