Sony’s Playstation Experience – What to expect

Believe it or not, Playstation is 20 years old this coming year. That means that they have been selling consoles longer than Sega and are the second longest lasting videogame console creators behind Nintendo. Now that’s reason to celebrate!

Seizing this opportunity to celebrate, Sony announced a few weeks ago that they will be hosting the Playstation Experience on December 6th and 7th where there will be multiple panels and keynotes, as well as many upcoming games and announcements for Playstation. Sony’s blog describes it as “400,000 square feet of the best Playstation games across multiple platforms, panels and keynotes lead by the industry’s most regarded development team, contests, signings, giveaways, merchandise, memorabilia and much more,” which basically means it’s like E3 but without the competition. As a poor college student who was only able to save up just enough for a PS4, I’m perfectly okay with that (and quite a bit excited).

Sony also stated that “attendees will also get an exclusive first look at what’s coming next in 2015, which I am told you will not want to miss,” so I felt that it was necessary to wildly speculate on exactly what we are going to get a sneak peek of. Maybe they’re only going to show us more of what we already know, or maybe they’re going to use the new (and hopefully annual) Playstation Experience as a means of showing off new, previously unannounced games. I can only hope it’s the latter.

Whether it’s new game announcements, hardware announcements or even new bits of information on games we already know about, I’m going to weigh in on the things that might happen during the Playstation Experience and the likelihood to which it will happen, starting with what I think is the most obvious and working my way down to the long shots.


More than likely to happen


Uncharted 4 gameplay

The last E3 gave us the spectacular Uncharted 4 trailer with graphics that looked nothing less than impressive, along with a disclaimer telling us that the trailer was running on the game engine. This means that what we saw will be pretty identical to what we are going to play, but sadly we have not seen any gameplay to confirm this. The Playstation Experience is sure to change this. It was announced that there will be a Naughty Dog panel covering the 30 year history of the company as well as a panel dedicated entirely to the process of bringing Nathan Drake and friends up to the visual quality of the PS4, so it’s almost a guarantee that there will be some gameplay along with it.

The Ratchet and Clank reboot gameplay or trailer


Back at E3, a trailer for the upcoming Ratchet and Clank movie was shown as well as a small announcement of a new Ratchet and Clank game for PS4 that will be a reboot of sorts, as they will be re-imagining the original game. Both Insomniac’s California and North Carolina studio will be working on the game. According to Insomniac’s brand development director  Ryan Schneider, both the game and movie will be out “in the first half of 2015”. Since this is the last big event of 2014 as far as videogame events (the Video Game Awards will be the day before), they’re kind of running out of time before the game is supposed to come out. I predict this is where we’ll see a little more of this reboot.

Guerrilla Games will announce a new IP

It’s been a little more than a year since the release of Guerrilla’s latest entry in the Killzone series and recently there have been leaks of concept art for a game rumored to be in development by Guerrilla. The game is supposedly code named “Horizon” and it looks to me like there will be some futuristic dino robot action and lots of snow. If I was a betting man, I would bet on Guerrilla using the Playstation Experience as the place to announce a new game.

No Man’s Sky will get an exact release date

No Man’s Sky, along with Until Dawn, the PS4 version of Journey and Tearaway, and Uncharted 4 will get release dates.


Somewhat likely to happen


Project Morpheus will get a nameProject_Morpheus

Playstation’s own version of the Oculus Rift is tentatively called Project Morpheus. However, much like the NGP becoming the Playstation Vita, Morpheus will not be the final name of the product. I’m thinking they should go with something simple, like Playstation VR. They’re probably kicking themselves for already calling one of their products the Playstation Eye.

Sony Santa Monica will announce a new game

Sony Santa Monica, the makers of God of War, recently cancelled a new IP that was supposed to be an RPG set in space. While the sound of that is awesome and it’s a little sad that it was cancelled, there’s no reason to believe that they weren’t also working on something else. Maybe they rehashed their cancelled IP like Blizzard did by making Titan into Overwatch or maybe they’re making God of War 4. My money is on the idea that they’re working on God of War and I’m pretty hopeful we’ll see it there.

Something new from Media Molecule

Media Molecule is one of the developers set to appear at the Playstation Experience so they might be there to show off a new game or more of the stage demo they showed at the PS4 reveal, but it might just be to show off more of Tearaway Unfolded.


Less than likely to happen


We will see more of WiLD and Hellblade


It hasn’t been too long since we’ve seen the reveal of both of these games. I must admit, WiLD has caught my attention and I’m eagerly awaiting to see what it has to offer, however neither of the developers behind the games are set to appear at the Playstation Experience so we might not see this for a little longer.

Something new from Sucker Punch

After noticing that Sucker Punch will be at the event but no Sucker Punch game would be available on the show floor, I started to wonder what they were there for. After looking through the upcoming panels I found that Nate Fox from SP will be part of the “Inside the Dev Studio” panel but nothing else. It hasn’t been that long since Second Son came out so it’s less than likely that they’ll announce anything new, but since they would have a very small presence there otherwise, there is a small chance that we will see something.

A Project Morpheus release date

This is less likely than them naming it, but there is still a possibility since they will be showing off a lot of Morpheus.

More on Playstation Vue

Sony recently announced a live TV streaming service that lets you watch shows from most cable TV networks, but it seems like the Playstation Experience is focusing more on games so I don’t think they’ll really talk about this.

Silent Hills

Again, Kojima and Konami aren’t supposed to be at the Playstation Experience, but maybe they’ll surprise us with more info about their new Silent Hill game. Maybe Norman Reedus will bust in the room and fight off some zombies, too… but probably not.


Not by a long shot


The Last Guardian


Okay, this one is kind of obligatory. After every E3 and pretty much every other big gaming event, everyone asks “Where’s The Last Guardian,” and since the Japan studios has told us that it’s not cancelled and is still being worked on, I’m going to make the crazy bet that it will be at this show. The likelihood of this is really slim considering that the studio is not listed to be at the event.


In my dreams

Jak and Daxter

I remember reading that Naughty Dog considered going back to the Jak and Daxter universe after making Uncharted 3 but decided instead to make The Last of Us. This made me cry on the inside, but it also gave me hope. Maybe after Uncharted they will go back to Jak! Am I the only one that wants them to make another?! Why must you tease me, Naughty Dog?


These are just a few of many possibilities to what may be shown at the show. If you have some ideas of your own, let me know in the comments.



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